[Ask for Certifications]Demo

I am asking for certifications.
I am anonymous, but I think inso can confirm that I am a being not related to any other already certified.

what else do you need to certify me?

a public key maybe?

We are currently voting to decide if we need a vote to certify you.


If you dont vote about it, what is the alternative method for you to decide?

We will vote to device this too. Just wait so.

Your voting procedures are delayed because your democracy is not an electronic one.

Next vote is for year 2048, so just wait we develop the “electronic democracy”, then 2048 vote, and come back.,We will be able so at that time, to know which procedure to decide will be voted then.

And who decides that the next vote is for year 2048, and not the next minute?
Lets vote about the frequency of the votes.
You may want one vote every 31 years, but not everybody has the same opinion.

That’s it, we will vote to organise the vote to decide the frequency of the vote. So just wait, it is just a question of time. You will soon be in.

This thread is about my certification and I dont want to get out of the subject, I will explain to you in another thread how comes and the vote system converges.

I don’t know if you will, because we have to vote first. So just wait.

Are you planning to set up a vote about whether free speech should be allowed or not?
And what happens to free speech until a result is extracted from this “is_free_speech_allowed” vote ?
Is free speech allowed in the meantime or not?

You dont know if I am allowed to explain, but also you dont know if I am not allowed to explain.
You dont know If I will, but also you dont know if I will not. So you know nothing.

I know one thing: that you know nothing.

Just look, what I know : I can stop that thread, until our vote in 2048 will decide what we can decide.

Just to be clear: we let you @demo speak on this forum. But if I ever see again the « vote » word (or a similar) in one of your interventions to speak about “democracy”, for sure I won’t hesitate to ban you for a long time.

We are the initiators of this forum, this project, and even if we don’t agree with your point of view, we have let you many occasions to speak about demo-democracy.

So if you persist to speak about off-topic here, I will just consider you as a troll and spammer.

Happy GNU year.

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