Asking for certification m4oul


My old identity m5oul is no longer a member. Could u certify m4oul?
My personal web page


Welcome back Moul, m5oul and m4oul :smile: !

What is happening here ?

You have 3 identities in the WoT !
Why do you create a new one each time the previous one has expired ?

Can’t you renew your membership ?
Have you lost the password ?

Yep, I’ve lost my password.

Need certifications…

I certified you !

I am no longer a member. It seems I have 5 certifications. I have send my membership demand.

I haven’t seen any membership renewal from you for at least 2 weeks.

I think I really send my membership right now. Send membership was not working on cutecoin dev version.

Ok, I am newly a member. Can I get other certifications. Thanks.

I need certification or I will be out the 7 october.

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Please I need certification. @kimamila your’s have been deleted.

Done !

Could I get more certifications. I have tree, but, I am not a member.

Could you renew your membership too? I haven’t seen one of yours for at least 2 days (it could be more).

I’ve send my membership. I have forgot about it. Great, I am a member.

tu as bien de la chance…

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I need certifications!

When looking for m4oul i get the error: Cannot read property ‘uid’ of null

@smoul, from which client software?