[Asking for certification. where?] Arcurus

i used now Cesium to create an account for gtest. account name arcurus

But where can i now ask for certifications?

By the way Cesium is great, the only thing i wish is a link or short manual where i can ask for certifications :slight_smile:

All the good,

Hi Arcurus,

This is the place to ask :slight_smile:
I sent you a certification “just like that” because this is a test currency, but it might actually be better if you give us some details about you (social network profile link, website, maybe if you met with someone from the community…), so that the word “certificate” means something : we want to be sure it is you and not another clone of some identity. You did enter some of your motivations on your Cesium profile though, which is a good start.
You still need two more certifications now.

Viel Spaß mit Gtest !


oh yes, my social accounts… i guess i did post them already for my last certification here:

If we start i guess its better on the end to put in full name, birth year location of birth, and then verify the identity per video chat or personal meeting. At least i would require that from people that i will certify.

So here are my Details:
Born as Martin Auer
in Nuernberg Germany 1980
If you want verify my identity, you can meet me currently in south of sweden near Lund, or have a video chat :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meet you!
P.s.: @Gpsqueeek Thx for the verification!

lol, something translated the text i wrote: [quote]¨If we start i guess its better on the end to put in full name, birth year location of birth, and then verify the identity per video chat or personal meeting.¨[/quote]

to this:

… not exactly what i meant…

found a bug in Cesium:
it displays: Received verifications 0, but actually if i klick on it it says received verifications 3

another question:what is ¨deadline treatment¨? currently its 7 days? So if i dont get 3 verifications in 7 days, the other verifications are counted as dead?

Exactly, after 7 days you’ll need to ask become member again, and start from 0 to.

Exactly what I am doing right now :wink:
Be patient, or better become a contributor !

Hey !
Sorry, i had some issues in my life lately, so i’m a bit late for your certification…
I’ve tried to certificate you, but Cesium tells me “No certification ask has been made, or not has been renoveld” (hum, this is a translation from french, i’m not sure of what i’m writing… But this is the idea)

Hallo Martin,
ich habe dir eine Bestätigung in ğtest geschenkt.

thank you to all that certified me, but somehow i ended up not becoming member even if i had more than 3 certifications.
So I registered again now.
Is there a way to find out what went wrong?

And thank you a lot to all for the nice welcoming!

seems that it happened to me. I got three certifications, but still not a member, and all certifications are terminated.
How can i find out what went wrong?

Nothing went exactly “wrong”. But the certification process is a little complex, in order to avoid cheating (multiple accounts, mainly):

  • people can issue certifications only at a certain pace, so that somebody could not suddenly flood the system with certifications to his friends, this is why certifications you received did not “activate” immediately, since people had issued other certifications and the system was waiting for each user’s capability to certify to be available again,
  • certifications expire after a delay, and the parameters for gtest were particularly tight, so many people found themselves at some point in the same situation you are experiencing right now, so they had to ask again… and sometimes again and again…
  • another rule is that you cannot be certified by members who are too close to each other (in terms of certifications) in order to prevent Sybil attacks (if A certified B, it would be quite dangerous for A and B to be able to certify a new member C). So if the certifications you received were from members who were too close to each other in the WOT, they couldn’t be validated.

As you can see, some basic safety comes at a complexity cost. :slight_smile: But for a monetary system, it is logical that entering shouldn’t be that easy.

Here is a great tool that can help about the last point: http://wotex.cgeek.fr/?to=jytou&pending=on&mode=u2w

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Bonjour Arcurus, certifié pour Gtest