Bug on transfer fees in substrate-interface 1.4.2

Tikka 0.6.6 crash if you click on the fees button in the transfer window.

It is a bug in substrate-interface last version 1.4.2.

I have opened a new issue:


@HugoTrentesaux can you take a look at the issue ?

Because it reveals that the Balance Type in Duniter (U64) is different than the substrate default type (U128). Is there a reason for that ?

Substrate does not allow yet to query the custom type automatically so the dev have to handle it manually.

Parity is working on a solution to this problem.

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Élois thought we didn’t need so much precision (as we have only 2 decimal digits), so he chose to use 64 bits instead of 128 to save storage space.

If needed we can easily switch to u128, but if we want to go back to u64 it may be more complex as it may be lossy.

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I think elois wanted to test the substrate abstraction capabilities. His conclusion is that even substrate is quite easy to customize, this is not the case of the ecosystem around it.

To minimize friction against the ecosystem, I would prefer to stay closer to polkadot. The Duniter account-data is a customization of parity balances account-data which only adds the randomId whose utility is still subject to debate (La solution pour des identicones sécurisées: le random id - #16 by HugoTrentesaux).

In order to gain grain for transaction fees, I think it would be good to keep a 128 bit account balance. Elois obsession for optimization can be a bit cumbersome.

see also

So I’m adding this to my TODO list: Je me lance à plein temps (HugoTrentesaux) - #2 by HugoTrentesaux

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I created the issue about u128, so it’s not only tracked in your forum todo-list.