Cannot sign up G1 with Caesium

I tried to sign up to G1, but Caesium says, that the sandbox is already full.
Now it says, the connection to the Caesium data node is lost.

What do do?

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First try to meet people of Ğ1 WoT that knows you well. Ğ1 WoT need to know you globally in order to assign you one unique pubkey.

If Ğ1 WoT doesn’t know you well enough right now, just wait it will grow up enough for that, or better start to contribute to Ğ, by developping, testing, reporting bugs, publish on the net, join Ğ1 events like RML9, Ğeconomicus game, conferences etc…

so how can we meet? Sadly i missed the start of G1, because it’s so much in French…

If you want we can skype video chat, or facebook video chat, or any other available video chat to verify identity.

It is not only to “verify identitiy”, it is to know you well enough to be able to identify future multi-accounts for 1 identity. If I don’t know you, I don’t know what you do in economy, I won’t be able to check and make verifications.

So a Ğ1 WoT member should certify only people he knows well enough, in order to assure to Ğ1 global WoT, will not make errors concerning your unique pubkey (and will not make multi-ones).

But this is not fixed, you can be known in the next months / years, with the contributions to Ğ1 you will be involved too. Or you can also just wait the time when Ğ1 WoT will be bigger to include people that will know you well enough.

If you see my history, i have been already engaged where duniter was still ucoin. I helped to outline failures and improvements in the web of trust implementation and proof of membership implementation.
What can i further do to come in contact?

Im very much interested in helping to propagate freedom loving currencies.
All the good,

Where are you located !? The best way to be well known is to start to meet physically people from Ğ1 WoT. Check RML9 event in the forum for instance, or other events.

When you will meet enough people during enough time it will be ok.

Currently i’m in south of Sweden, but originally i come from south of Germany.

So if you don’t come to France (or Belgium) at the moment it will be very difficult for you to come in. But you can start to use Ğ1 without being a member. Being a member is only relative to money creation, not using it.

Yes, therefore is wish caesium would at least allow me to create my account :confused:

Try to use Sakia instead.

The sandboxes of the nodes are filled up because there are a lot of identities waiting up to be integrated in the members.

The limit is rather low at the moment, I suppose that @cgeek will publish some sort fix to this problem.

Using another client won’t make a difference, unfortunately, since they all broadcast data to known nodes ( do you confirm, @kimamila ?)

ok great, so i have to wait i guess.
Currently I try to get an overview again what is happening, but since it all switched to French it is little bit tricky for me.
Is there an area where news are announced? Generally it would be great to have the important announcements in English and French an have a common place to look them up. It could also help to make the important topics sticky on the top,

Yes we have a news place on the blog :

But you are right, we should start communicating more in english. We didn’t for Gtest and we said we would start doing so for g1… :slight_smile:

lol yea, the blog… not so much information there…

are there already statistics to G1 that I can look up?

The issues of Duniter are in english too :

If you have questions or request for translation in english, please ask. This will force us to translate our talks. Also, now that @jytou is here and speaks a nice english, this should be easier for us :slight_smile:

yea great! First it would be great to have a short manual how to join (or when not to join) G1 :slight_smile:
and an overview with some statistics like we had for the test currencies.

second a small roadmap would be great. As far as i understood Duniter is designed to have many currencies, that can interact with each other. So a short manual when to create a new Duniter currency and when to join an existing currency would be great. Also the recommended numbers for the max size for a currency would be great. I think if we want many Duniter currencies out there, we should recommend certain parameters, so that they stay compatible.

There are some data available on :

We have a map where we put our locations to help certifying each other :

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great, thx for the links! just looked at the map, now i know what Galuel meant, why for now it will be difficult outside France to join :slight_smile:
But still, i added me, in Germany maybe you can have a look if i have done right, because its all in French :slight_smile: