Catalan translation for Cesium

Hi, I’d like to translate Cesium to Catalan. Could you validate my account request to your gitlab repository? My user is « calbasi » :wink:

Account approved!

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It seems I’ve already have an account (arbocenc) :-/

Well, nevermind, I’ve done the Catalan localization merge request:

Could you merge it?

I am not Cesium maintainer. You should check with @kimamila.

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Great ! Thank you for this translation !

Before i merge it, can you create a small language flag ? Like this files (filename flag-*.png)

Sure! I’m going to add the attached image to my merge request. And I’ll do some additional work on strings… flag-ca

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Ready! I’ve added 2 little fixes to the Spanish translation (cc @kapis )

ping @kimamila

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That is awesome! Thanks @arbocenc .


Je veux aider @arbocenc à traduire Cesium

My user is fgalig1

Could you accept my merge request?

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Hello @arbocenc and @kapis !

Cataln language has been had to Cesium v1.7.0-rc1 (beta version).
You can test the web/zip file.

Please tell me if everything is fine.