Clarification on the distance rule for the WOT

Im trying to understand specifics of the distance rule in the WOT.

Assuming that one must reach 80% of sentinels in 5 or less walks:

The G1 license states:
To become a new member of the Ğ1 WoT therefore 5 certifications must be obtained at a distance <= 5 of 80% of the WoT sentinels.

So the new member’s first walks can only be backwards through their list of certifiers-of … but what I would like to have clarification about is whether or not the rule walks ONLY backwards through certifiers-of (in that it’s about 80% of sentinels reaching you in 5 or less directed walks… its about who knows you, not about who you know) or does the rule walk also forward through the certified-by list (so that any member could reduce their own centrality simply by selecting to certify a member who is further than 5 walks, even if they dont know them… which sounds dangerous to me).

The obvious answer to me seems that the rule is always walking backwards from the member through their certifiers-of (or forwards from all sentinels to the member), but I have not found/read specific clarification about this… and it seems vague that it’s stated as « at a distance <= 5 » without specifically stating that these are directed walks.


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After reading, and re-reading, Elois’ carefully chosen, and precise words:

Let’s now define the distance rule:

Distance rule: member A is said to observe this rule if and only if for a subset xPercent % of referent members R there exists a path of length less than or equal to stepMax between R and A.**

Where he doesnt specifically say « directed walk » but does draw the path from 80% referents to the member… Im going to work from the assumption that the distance rule certainly respects the directed walks of the directed graph that the wot is; besides this only makes sense.

You francophones are VERY gifted with your precision, even in a second language.


P.S. In a future version of the G1 license… perhaps wording more like Elois would be even more clear…

ie) To become a new member of the Ğ1 WoT therefore 5 available certifications must be obtained such that at least 80% of the WOT sentinels can reach the new member at a distance <= 5.

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I wrote this article in French, @thomasbromehead translated it into English :slight_smile:

In the French version I write « de R vers A », which implies a directional path:

Règle de distance : un membre A respecte la règle de distance si et seulement si pour plus de xPercent % des membres référents R il existe un chemin de R vers A d’une longueur inférieure ou égale à stepMax.**

Indeed in the translation of @thomasbromehead, it became « between R and A », the translation has lost the notion of direction, and I didn’t see that during my proofreading :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for confirmation… still, your translated words made it fairly clear… also the numerous references that clearly state the WOT is directed… it just makes sense.

I have a feeling Im bothersome with all my silly questions (that I missed having not been here in the early years). the good news is, if nobody answers me… Ill answer myself eventually. Thank you for your time Elois.


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