Cutecoin 0.8 released!

Yes that’s obvious, but I didn’t took the thame to think about the conceptual differences between transactions and wallets amount. : )

Yes gerard94 is absolutely right and I made this issue regarding that point.

About money case, what do you think ?

Is it better to have “MB” or “mb” ?

A M with a circle like $ £ € are letters we can identify as a money unit.

Not a lot of answers…

I propose to use :m: for Meta_Brouzouf, giving the URL of the official enclosed alphanumerics unicode to use it easily, and to let specialists of fonts decide later how to generate and use a special and normative symbol letter font for any new uCoin free money.

I suggest uCoin development will integrate free money system with the use of a special uCoin font, which will be able to receive a full new set of caracters, where each new one letter will be the symbol of a new uCoin free money symbol.

Examples :

777 :m: = 6,07 UD:m:

Use <sub>Ⓜ</sub> to have an indice in HTML format (thanks to cgeek, this markdown specification is not a native one).

For instance this is a music font able to display music instead of alphabetical symbols. So we can developp a uCoin font, where alphabet will be the money symbols only like this one. To write then the correct symbol, you specify the font you use (must be uploaded generally but not always, you also call it thru URL), and use the correct font code corresponding to the money symbol (for instance ‘S’ in unicode will give ‘$’ or ‘£’ or ‘€’ with the money font)…

You can also choose to create svg symbol font better than simple icon symbol font, so you use the best : vector graphs. Check this page to see compatibility and more information about fonts, and this page to study icon fonts.

Here is an example of how to use specific fonts with HTML5/CSS3. You can also visit W3School.

Finally you will specify the uCoin font to display the uCoin free money unit symbol, and any community will be able to propose its own symbol to add in the font (font can start with only one symbol for the first free money, and then will be updated when necessary to add more).

I prefer MB over mb. Better detach in a text…

@Galuel: you can use HTML tags UD<sub>Ⓜ</sub> for it to work. What you use is pandoc specific, not markdown native:

777 :m: = 6,07 UD:m:

0.8.1 released

  • Multiple UI bugs fixed
  • Bugs with new transfers management fixed
  • Bugs with account creation fixed

Thanks to all of you, a lot of bugs have been found and fixed. 0.8.1 is one of the most stable released we have had since cutecoin begining :slight_smile:

We are on our way to cutecoin 0.9 now !

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Thanks a lot.
A new bug (or restriction): in the field “Transfer Money -> Transaction Message”, accented characters are not allowed.

This is a restriction of ucoin.

Field Comment is a string of maximum 255 characters, exclusively composed of alphanumeric characters, space, -, _, :, /, ;, *, [, ], (, ), ?, !, ^, +, =, @, &, ~, #, {, }, |, , <, >, %, … Must be present even if empty.

Before those transactions would be sent but never validated.

OK, c’est en ascii. Pour des raisons de simplicité, je suppose.

0.8.2 is released today.

  • Fixed some informations
  • Multiple UI bugs fixed
  • Diverse refactorisation into core code

Thanks a lot to vit who worked fast on this release.

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Hi all,
I’m new on the forum, but very interested in Ucoin philosophy and seeing it happen !
I’m on Ubuntu, and would like to beta test cutecoin 0.8.1, but I can’t put my hands on libsodium : url not found, doesn’t appear in synaptic either. Can someone tell me how to do ?

And btw, I guess I need to be certified to access the interactions with cutecoins : how should I prove myself worthy / trustable ?

Thanks, see you soon on cutecoin !

link fixed !

Also current release is 0.8.2 :

Do you have any account on social media that you could link to us ?

Here is a link to my facebook page :

I’m afraid I don’t let many personnal information filter through that medium.

Thanks for the link, it works.

But I have a new issue : Gdebi refuses to install libsodium saying “the depency cannot be resolved” (that’s homemade translation ;-))

I’m using Lubuntu, is that a possible reason it doesn’t work?

Also, you can hear my voice, asking a question at 1:13:30 of this vidéo :

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If you’d like to get certified by other members you should start a new thread y as stated in step 7 here Subscribe Testing Currency (zeta_brouzouf)
And as it is a testing currency some will probably certify you without much information.

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Thank you.
I will do that. For now, I’m fignting with the installation.

Do you have any more message like what dependency is missing ?

Could you try to do the command “sudo dpkg -i [libsodiumpackagepath]”