Difference between amounts in Cesium and Sakia


Comparing my transactions in Sakia 0.20.2 and Cesium, I noted a strange difference. It might be my incomplete understanding of the difference in referentials (Units/DU/Relat) but to show you what I mean, I’ve made a few screen prints.

Here in Sakia, note the deposit of 189 845 TN by Juan on 30/06 :

When I compare it to the same transaction on Cesium (displaying in TN, there is a comma which does not show in Sakia. Why?) it shows me 1 898,450 TN, which (if we ignore the comma) is 10 times as much!

The weirdest thing is that it concerns just one transaction, not all. Has anyone noticed discrepancies like this before?

I reported the issue on https://github.com/duniter/sakia/issues/477

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Here the screen print from Cesium (new users cannot post more than one image at a time) :

I believe this is due to bugs in Sakia after the base change. I have done some tests and Cesium is the only one that shows the correct amounts (both in transactions and the amount available in your account) at the moment. It is also the only one that can successfully send big amounts at once that mix sources from the 2 different bases. Even though in real life this is a situation that would arise only 32 years (if I remember well) after launching the money, it’s good to be able to test it on the test network to fix these problems in the different clients.

Which version of Sakia do you use ?

OK thanks Jean Yves. Let me know if you need more info :slight_smile:

That’s version 0.20.2

I’m using Sakia 0.20.2 as well.
Here are some screenshots of my tests:


Sakia (the total amount of coins is correct now, but it was incorrect 2 days ago - maybe I didn’t wait enough):

Peux-tu essayer d’activer l’oubli dans Sakia et comparer de nouveau ?

J’ai essayé: c’est pire (les montants sont encore plus éloignés de la réalité).