Existential deposit value

Is it normal that balances.existentialDeposit is 100, but in fact it seems to be 200?

If I try to let only 1GDev, I got Token.NotExpendable excpetion.
How to get the real value?

Then, is the state of 5EbhurTUn2fw26Fjbmi16M3KtaEVaAU2mfEfu1bDz14WkHZb balance normal for you?

For me it seems to be 100

> gcli -a 5DfhGyQdFobKM8NsWvEeAKk5EQQgYe9AydgJ7rMB6E1EqRzV account balance
account 5DfhGyQdFobKM8NsWvEeAKk5EQQgYe9AydgJ7rMB6E1EqRzV does not exist
> gcli account transfer 100 5DfhGyQdFobKM8NsWvEeAKk5EQQgYe9AydgJ7rMB6E1EqRzV 
Enter password to unlock account 5Dq8xjvkmbz7q4g2LbZgyExD26VSCutfEc6n4W4AfQeVHZqz
transaction submitted to the network, waiting 6 seconds...
transfered 1 ĞD (5Dq8xjvkmbz7q4g2LbZgyExD26VSCutfEc6n4W4AfQeVHZqz → 5DfhGyQdFobKM8NsWvEeAKk5EQQgYe9AydgJ7rMB6E1EqRzV)
> gcli -a 5DfhGyQdFobKM8NsWvEeAKk5EQQgYe9AydgJ7rMB6E1EqRzV account balance
5DfhGyQdFobKM8NsWvEeAKk5EQQgYe9AydgJ7rMB6E1EqRzV has 1 ĞD

  nonce: 8
  consumers: 0
  providers: 2
  sufficients: 0
  data: {
    free: 183
    reserved: 0
    feeFrozen: 0
    linkedIdty: null


Where does it comes from?