G1 monetary license v0.2.9

Hi, i made few change and translated few missing part. I highlighted in :

  • yellow : the change made, translation improvement
  • orange : a complete rework of the formula taken from Galuel’s post.

Here is the document :
g1_monetary_license_en_v1.odt (39.9 KB)

I notice in weblate.duniter.org, we can’t translate the license :
The translation was automatically locked due to following alerts: Could not merge the repository.


Thanks for the valuable improvements. Can you port them to the git repository? If not, who would volunteer?

Yep, unfortunatelly, I didn’t manage to push this project till completion. It’s stuck in the meantime.

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I can do that, i will find a tutorial and do the git pull. It should be somewhere in the forum.

However, before sending the .md document, i made a big change on the formula (in orange color). So i’m waiting for approval.

I’m thinking removing the section “more info” so i can explain better the coefficient c.

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Voyant que la licence en anglais était vide, j’ai commencé à traduire en cliquant sur suivant à chaque fois mais j’ai fini par me rendre compte que ça n’enregistrait pas ce que j’écris donc je laisse à quelqu’un d’autre. Voici le dernier texte traduit pour celui/celle qui veut le reprendre pour le segment correspondant:

“Knowing this person well” entails that you are in capacity to contact him or her through different means of communicaiton (physically, electronically, etc.). In addition, it means that you also find yourself to be familiar with other people who know this person just as well as you do, each being able to contact him or her through different means as well as you are. If you find yourself in a situation wherein you aren’t familiar with ANY of its other certifiers, please be keenly aware that this is a strong indication that you aren’t sufficiently familiar with the person you were about to certify: This kind of certification, were you to further proceed, is highly likely to trigger an alert within the Ğ1 community. If you find yourself in such a case as to realize you aren’t sufficiently familiar with the person at hand, please be aware that the right thing to do is to refrain from certifying this person’s account.