G1 monetary license v0.2.9

Hi, i made few change and translated few missing part. I highlighted in :

  • yellow : the change made, translation improvement
  • orange : a complete rework of the formula taken from Galuel’s post.

Here is the document :
g1_monetary_license_en_v1.odt (39.9 KB)

I notice in weblate.duniter.org, we can’t translate the license :
The translation was automatically locked due to following alerts: Could not merge the repository.


Thanks for the valuable improvements. Can you port them to the git repository? If not, who would volunteer?

Yep, unfortunatelly, I didn’t manage to push this project till completion. It’s stuck in the meantime.

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I can do that, i will find a tutorial and do the git pull. It should be somewhere in the forum.

However, before sending the .md document, i made a big change on the formula (in orange color). So i’m waiting for approval.

I’m thinking removing the section “more info” so i can explain better the coefficient c.

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