Ğcli a command line tool for Duniter v2

Ğcli is a command line tool for Duniter v2 written in Rust and based on subxt


It is a good project to discover Rust and Duniter v2 ecosystem client-side.


I am getting

thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: Rpc(Transport(Error when opening the TCP socket: Connection refused (os error 111)))

This error is not very explicit… I’ll have to dig in subxt to find where it comes from.

It’s come from this line: src/main.rs · master · clients / Rust / Ğcli-v2s · GitLab

To handle this error, just replace .unwrap() by ? :wink:

Reraising the error or unwrapping it are the same, it is still a low level error that prevents me from opening the port. I suspect it is linked with TLS but I still have to dig ><

Yes, gcli-v2s does not yet support tls, it is still a very recent project on which very little dev time has been spent.

EDIT: So, you need to use an endpoint without tls, for instance with a ssh bridge.

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@HugoTrentesaux I’ve just investigated the code of subxt and tested, and in fact the lib used by gcli-v2s already handles tls natively without us having to do anything.
But you have to prefix the url with wss://, indicating the port is not enough.
Also, the system’s certificate store is used, so it’s possible that your problem is that the lib can’t find the certificates store on your system.

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