Hi guys! a binary hand from Spain

Hi guys.
Sorry, got no knowledge about your language at all, so I’ll type using ‹ Default English ›. I’m a Spanish old man, got more than 20 year developing software using so many different languages as Basic, Pascal, Cobol, C, C++, Lua, Java, Groovy, Scala, Python,…
I’m used to collaborate into my « free time » with Open Source projects, and my « spider sense » notices me to collaborate with this one.
Got from so many inputs information about this project (G1 coin), so this is my only real sense: to be able to contribute to it, hope can be helpful if you agree, guys.
I can take u coffees or whatever :wink:

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Welcome here! There is plenty of things to do. We did recently an inventory of competences that you can fill in.

We have wotwizard which was in component pascal (but moved to go), and multiple projects in python (tikka, silkaj, duniterpy…).

Depending on what you would like to learn, we can guide you to good starting issues on the projects listed on Projects · Explore · GitLab ^^