How to install Sakia (Cutecoin) on Mac Os

Everything is in the title. I don’t know how to create an account using a mac.


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This is, in theory, possible. But no one here uses a mac.

If you are a developer, you can try to build cutecoin by yourself and enhance the wiki. This would help greatly !

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Welcome Florent !

Hey peeps! Still no Mac install? Cheers.

@JamesB, still not, I could try to build a Mac OS version at school. I will need your help @Inso.

Ok no worries. Cheers Moul.

In the Cutecoin fork you can find a guy who tried to build Cutecoin for macos. He didn’t success, tho.

I have report an issue:


I just compiled a Mac Version of CuteCoin. It seems to work well. (screenshot :

If someone can accept the user “atestofucoin” on meta_brouzouf, i’ll test the wallet :smile:

I saw the Github issue, do you want to be able to build a mac version on travis?

Thanks !

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Wow thanks a lot ! Yeah if you could fork the project to build a Mac version thanks to Travis that would be ideal. Also it would be great if we staid in touch because next version (dev branch) changes quite a lot of the dependencies and it would be great to know if it is running well on Mac OS !

Great job ! I put message on github to ask you to publish the install procedure, because I was unaware of this post on the forum…
Very happy to see that we will have mac users with us ! :grinning:

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Is there any update on the mac version?
How can install it at the moment?

Nobody buit any version for Mac OS actually.
You could try to install it with this tutorial.

@moul : Charles did it ! look at the picture !

@charles : could you write a tutorial of your install of cutecoin on mac os ?

@charles, jets please! :wink:

For all, who are not able to test Meta-Brouzouf, I have created MANGOS, a Javascript implementation, just for quick demonstration purpose and with a lower entry barrier than Meta-Brouzouf.

No updates on this topic anymore?

@Samuel, since no mac user do it. No build will be done… :smiley:

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Coming soon… :wink:

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Hello dear mac users, @charles, @Samuel, @FlorentBerthet, @JamesB

Here is a zip of a mac build.

Please could you try it and tell me how it goes ?

Thanks !

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ops, link is broken :wink: