Improvement of English version of the G1 Licence

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The English translation of the G1 Licence needs to be reviewed by a native speaker, especially on how the sentences are built.
A topic was open on this a few years ago but I don’t think it has been worked on since.

Here is the link I found on the Git Lab repository for the G1 Licence : g1_monetary_license_en.rst · master · documents / g1_monetary_license · GitLab
Is this the official version?
How can someone contribute to improve it?

Is the licence available on Cesium for people to read it other than when they create a member account?

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This is the source repository, yes. Clients and websites are embedding the license files from this repository.

Sure, anybody can ask for a GitLab account, fork the repository and create a merge request.
This is for technical people which know a bit about git and development processes.

For non-technical contributors, I had the project to have the monetary license translatable from Weblate, but I gave up on that in the meantime, to work on other priorities. It turned out to be more complex task than I first thought.

The license is available to read anytime, see SHOW LICENSE button on Cesium

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Created a new topic and sent the translation there :

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