Invitation to Berlin Crypto UBI Event - Jan 28

Hello Duniter! We are holding a Crypto UBI conference in Berlin on Monday January 28, 5pm.

It would be great if someone here would come and represent Duniter! We will be presenting some other projects too: Circles UBI, Project Greshm, SwiftDemand, Value Instrument, BrightID & more. There are two related conferences happening in Berlin the same few days: dgov and Aracon, therefore we are expecting a big crowd of UBI & decentralized governance nerds.

Please message me if you would like to present Duniter, or feel free to just show up and hang out with the vigilante UBI community! :slight_smile:

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Je mis un autre post sur le forum monnaie libre. Mais je remet le lien ici aussi puisque cela concerne aussi les aspect techniques.
Voilà donc le compte rendu que j’ai fait de la réunion de Berlin (les autres projets notamment…).

Bonne journée


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