Is duniter AML/KYC compatible?

After one year of ban, I am back.
My question is.
Is duniter AML/KYC compatible?

If you dont know what AML/KYC is, read here:

Il ñ y a personne qui peut répondre à cette question?

Il n y a personne?

1st article :

as long as I hold the private key to the wallet, and none of third party providers also hold it, then such situation is out of scope of the AML Regulation

I found nothing forbidding the Ğ1. The regulation try to limit some transaction-makers, but it don’t seem to “autorize” or “ban” a crypto-currency.
Perhaps some “sellers” will have to register the name of the “buyer”, but that could be done offline and don’t need to be implemented in Duniter.

So is it AML/KYC compatible or not?

Same answer. The seller have to be, not the Ğ1 itself.
A seller can be AML/KYC compatible and using Ğ1, but using Ğ1 dont make you automatically ok with these regulations.