List of supports you would like to see translated in english

Hi everyone !

I created this post so you can send me a to do list. I limit it to five documents to translate, so i’m sure the job will be done.

I’m french and profound deaf. I wonder if there is any topics you would like to translate from french to english ? I can also do technical part at a low level. I manage my own websites, use linux command…or i mostly read documentation and graps few things.

I’m interested in translating any support needed for the G1v2 migration during this summer. Or maybe it’s already done, dunno but anything you deem useful. :smiley:

I won’t make subtitle because of the workload : cutting subtitle, verifying we can read it…too much work.

However, i can transcribe them, i use automated caption to make sentence with punctuation and will use, abuse automated translation to speed up the writing translation process. Then i verify the whole document. They can be used for subtitle, if someone is willing to tune them.
Sadly i don’t hear well, so someone will have to verify and fill any part i couldn’t decifer nor understood.

Here is my list :smiley:

I also read this post :

La v2 apporte plusieurs notions totalement étrangères aux utilisateurs v1 notamment :

  • la taxe de création de compte
  • les frais de transaction
  • la trésorerie commune (lié aux précédents)
  • le dépôt existentiel (ça existe déjà en v1 mais ce sera probablement plus visible en v2)
  • la limite stricte d’émission de certifications tous les 5 jours
  • le comité technique
  • le mnemonic (côté client)

Il faut vulgariser ces concepts auprès de la communauté et s’assurer de la bonne réception, sinon on risquera de casser la confiance de communauté, et ce serait très grave.

I can try vulgarising them. Provided you sent me the related ressources so i can understant them better, and if it’s beyond my comprehension i will simply say it.

Also, let keep the workload small, so don’t send me a huge list. lets stick to 5 things you want to translate into english :slight_smile:

Et je suis français, donc si c’est plus comfortable pour vous d’écrire en français n’hésitez pas. Comme je le disais, j’ai envie de créer une liste de documents à traduire en anglais. 5 documents, pas plus.

Grazie mille !

NB : i created a matrix group : that will send me any update from the translation category via rss feed. :slight_smile:


Wow :astonished: that awesome ! Thanks for your help.
I am not sure about the priorities, but what about this one ?

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Thank, Okay, i will do that :slight_smile:

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