Mobiles apps on F-Droid catalogue


I think mobile apps should be on F-Droid, a catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) apps.
What do you think ?

My smartphone is currently running on custom ROM (Cyanogen Mod) without Google. So i’d like to be able to download directly theses apps on F-Droid.

Thanks for all ! :>


There are apk of cesium available on Github :

The latest release seems to miss the apk thought, any idea why @kimamila ?

Seems to be a mistake, in the release process… I have to check that

Yes, we need to deploy mobile apps on F-Droid. Could you help us for that ?

Yes, but I need more informations. We need to discuss about the license and other app infos. :slight_smile:

Cool !

  • License file : here
  • App release : here
  • Readme (to build) : here

As I wanted to install Cesium on Android for @isabelleleprette, I checked first on F-Droid. It isn’t there.
Then I installed from github with apk and find that topic.
I don’t know if @ultimatecookie work on making it available on the catalogue so I look into it thinking to do it myself.
It seems they have made a new forum and moved their Requests For Packaging to Gitlab.
I searched there for cesium and found that page :

Thank you for doing it.
I guess if we want Cesium to integrate faster F-Droid, we should do some :+1: on the page.

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I think that u can use a mobile recorder and solve all ur problems which need with F-Droid.

Bonjour, je découvre ce fil et en suivant le liens git :

je lis ceci. Cesium bientôt sur FDroid ?