Need a logo for uCoin


This Use this topic to submit your logo, for uCoin project.
We need web-designers !

Here is my contribution (for the fun !):


Try again !

v2: “simple”

v3: “arrow under the u”

v3: “u fix the value”


v4 : “green arrows”

v5: “green & blue eyes

v6: “blue eyes”


You should not put the extremity of the arrow near the corner of the square. With which software did you made that logo?


Allez j’arrête ! le but c’était surtout d’énerver les vrais graphistes pour qu’ils se mettent au boulot ! ;o)


Take your first logo.
Remove eyes and mouth.
Set the body vertical.
Add two bodies behind the first one.
Put a big U “sans serif” in the head.
Put the word “COIN” in the body.

And you’ll have something… till a graphist find something else… :smile:


Not a serious contribution, but I think it should be a simpler design than Kimamila’s and perhaps have a hidden symbol in it. A bit like Unilever’s logo except the hidden symbol should represent uCoin’s vision.


I tried to draw with GIMP a logo for uCoin:


Nice ! Thks for that


Great Moul!
For the orange color, I suggest a more shiny gold color…


My friend suggest this logo:


I wonder if we should have a “coin” symbol for coin engine.

Maybe something more about “humans”, “communities”, since humans(t) are the root of the RMT ?


An why not an animal like a GNU or a penguin !? :slight_smile: Something cool. Which kind of animal could represent uCoin !? Why not a young monkey !?


Or an animal like the one on the oldest coin on earth ?

But maybe less aggressive, more kind.
Could be fun.


I perfer this one :smile:


another idea for uCoin logo : a coin with the vitruvian man (by Da Vinci) :


I like this idea, very human centric :slight_smile:


Yep great idea :), like on 1 € Italian coins.


bien vu :


Au contraire d’une bonne idée, le fait qu’elle soit déjà utilisée l’invalide et la disqualifie. Un design original est nécessaire. Il vaut mieux attendre qu’un graphiste se propose de contribuer, c’est une compétence spéciale qui ne s’apprend pas en 3 secondes…