Need a logo for uCoin


Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0



I kind of like the idea of this logo !

Maybe you could enhance the color choice thanks to ?


That’s not pretty easy. Changing black color give horrible pixels.

I’ve try:

You could try with GIMP and source: .jpg -> .xcf :wink:


Damn you dont work on logos in bitmaps formats in vectorized one… :wink:


Yep :wink: I’ve got no experience with Inkscape.


Why not a stylized Gamma letter in reference to the Lorentz factor ?

The Lorentz factor or Lorentz term is the factor by which time, length, and relativistic mass change for an object while that object is moving.

Due to its ubiquity, it is generally denoted with the symbol γ (Greek lowercase gamma). Sometimes (especially in discussion of superluminal motion) the factor is written as Γ (Greek uppercase-gamma) rather than γ.


I like this idea very much. :smiley:

What I love with Lorentz transformations, is that we can reduce them to pure Newton equations as far as we stay in low speeds. And the more the speed, the more we start to see how Newton’s rules are incomplete.

The same for uCoin’s WoT rules: they do not “activate” at the same moment: distance rule, for example, will activate only when we start to have like ~15 members or more.

This simple idea of what I would call “marginal effects”, which are effects we do not see until we change of order of magnitude, is probably still very present in our world and we do not imagine yet that other rules exists since we have never reached the conditions for these physical rules to play their role.

TL;DR: good idea!


Ca c’est du graphisme !


One of my logo for uCoin made with GIMP and Inkscape:


Nice job :wink:


@vfree Good job !
I like the idea of a “isegoria” ;o)

Could you explain what is the symbol “D” ?


U-D means Universal Dividend I think.
It could be better to write RTM for retalive theory of the money instead of TRM :wink:


U for u in uCoin
A coin for coin in uCoin :wink:

So a gold look for @vtexier

UD Universal Dividend so D for Dividend

TRM Théorie Relative de la Monnaie

This is why there’s the vitruvian man in the center.

Maybe Homo sapiens is a cool wise animal, anyway not to far from monkey. :wink:

I like it too because of the measurement notion of the vitruvian man.

The grid for the measurement notion too and it link with the curve spacetime of relativity.

Missing notion
web of trust



Or put T and R over each other, then M.


Pourquoi en Anglais ?

TRM Théorie relative de la monnaie

U universel

D dividende

Est ce que ce n est pas une théorie Française ? …


Il s’agit bien d’une théorie d’origine francophone.
Elle peut cepenant être traduite dans d’autres langues.

En anglais, parce que c’est la langue internationnale ?
En français, parce qu’on est franco-centré ?
En espéranto, parce qu’on est …


just 2 quick tests:

svg is here:!AIxQAIoB!PA4tACnZoKEzSuC3LdqCT1swyBwAa7v6iJifg81M1BQ
feel free to change it in any way



I say it should be more spacey, like this:


It seems “coin” of ucoin tend to steer people to make rings :sweat_smile: