Need a logo for uCoin


Another one …

For those who wants, the Gimp files are available here.
I’m not a graphist so please excuse my noobness :hatching_chick:
Have a happyday.


That’s notably why I wanted to change the name of the software. It is rather usual to change of name, and the earlier the better.

If we did such a renaming, I would like it to match few rules:

  • not to refer English language anymore
  • remove the “coin” term, and this is even more important since bitcoin currencies are often named with “coin” so we can differenciate ourselves from this kind of currency systems
  • prefer short names, with a maxium of 3 syllables
  • rather refer to the “flow” concept, where ucoin units are like the drops of the fountain, or the atoms of the water flow, flow which would both refer the flow of money units and flow of humans. Well with 5 repetitions of the word, you get the keyword: flow.
  • eventually refer to humans and time
  • eventually refering to economy (exchanges? production?)
  • eventually refering to crypto
  • eventually refering to network
  • eventually refering to Universal Dividend

We can talk of it during next FMM, you can already give your opinion about this name change. But be sure I really want to change it.

The fact we do not really find a logo is symptomatic of the fact this name is wrongly chosen.


I totally agree with the name changing. I feel like all newcomers are mislead by this name and think that uCoin is a coin itself, as I have also been thinking the first times I heard of it.


Selon le traducteur en ligne Majstro, en esperanto argent se dit « Arĝento ».
Il y a même le Ĝ dedans … bon je sais … c’est une monnaie et pas de l’argent mais ça valait au moins le clin d’œil :wink:



? :slight_smile:


Don’t know yet :slight_smile: have to think to possibilities !

I forgot:

  • eventually refering to symmetry


We could call it Symmetry :smile: In my point of view it is the most important thing in a free money. We could also put temporal symmetry in that word. We could also called it with the esperanto word for symmetry, Simetrio.


Drops (I like this one, english)
Gutoj (esperanto, but I don’t really think it’s a pretty name)


A name of flower ?


I agree that we should find a better name. Here are some (mainly english) ideas: FairFund, EquiFund,
EkiFund, Eki. I think that the “fund” term is interesting because it refers to an amount of money that could be relative.


I also propose Comunit, as it refers both to Community, Common Unit and Co-produced money unit, Common unit, …

I like it. :grin:


But it sounds a bit like Comunist ahah :smiley: but still that’s à great name :slight_smile:


flukso : esperanto word for flux !

Sadly, there is already an open source project with that name… :confused:


dunit ?


J’aime bien

  • Symétrie / Simetrio ( concept mathématique )
  • Dividend / Dividendo

ou :

  • Égalité ( fr ) / Equality ( uk ) / Egaleco ( espéranto )
  • Équité ( fr ) / Equity ( uk ) / Honesto ( espéranto )
    ( concept philosophique ? )

car tous les individus peuvent co-produire des unités au sein d’une communauté.
ils peuvent co-produire la même quantité.
et dans le temps les individus sont égaux.

Peut être ajouter à “égalité” :

  • Commun / Common / Komuna
    pour signifier que cela se produit au sein d’une communauté.

sinon du point de vue du logiciel ,

ou un concept plus naturel :
pluie / pluvo
averse / pluvego




good icons


I like “Comunit” !




Voir la page framapad éditable ici:

pour les mises à jour et le résumé des noms. Je n’ai pas tout recopié les propositions faites ici. Historiquement je suis parti du chat, et j’ai pu remonter à cette discussion.

Si vous le souhaitez, je peux copier toutes les propositions lancées ici. Toutefois, il serait plus judicieux que vous copiez (copiâtes) vos propositions vous même.

C’est juste pour proposer un outil de convergence. :wink:


Sakia… I think the new name/logo for CuteCoin is very good. Beautiful sound, beautiful symbolic, good imagery…

It will be difficult to do as well. But here is a proposal: cyclomen. We could pronounce it, either the french way [siklomɛn], like we do with the [“cyclamen”] (, where “a” is replaced by “o”; or the english way [saɪklɒmen], the idea is to make think of “cycle of men”. For the associated logo, there would be way to keep a certain unity with that of Sakia: the flower of cyclamen is constituted by four petals drilled in the shape of spiral.

Otherwise, I like the name Comunit: this proximity with Communist is very provocative, I think it’s an asset.