New node questions

Hi! I’m starting a new node. I have a member account, but my Duniter log shows it can’t compute because “Local node is not a member”

2021-11-16T10:59:03+01:00 - info: Block resolution: 1 potential blocks after current#6072…
2021-11-16T10:59:03+01:00 - info: Block #6073 added to the blockchain in 26 ms
2021-11-16T10:59:03+01:00 - warn: Blockchain changed!
2021-11-16T10:59:03+01:00 - warn: Local node is not a member. Waiting to be a member before computing
a block.

By, when I execute duniter wizard key, I have my member public key:

sudo -u duniter duniter wizard key
2021-11-16T11:03:52+01:00 - debug: Plugging file system…
2021-11-16T11:03:52+01:00 - debug: Loading conf…
2021-11-16T11:03:52+01:00 - debug: Configuration saved.
? This node’s current public key is: 2jztXxnqwpezBUSYMa9zpwMwfqr9stuX8z9kY18BEoov

Any ideas about what am I doing wrong?

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A second question:

I can see my node on the Cesium « available nodes », not put it manually on my user settings:


Because your identity isn’t member at block #6073. Your node is not fully synchronized!

  1. Is block #6073 an old block? Or is the newest block?

  2. Is my node syncronithing (now, as a part of a long process) or I did something worng? (I’ve executed duniter sync command without errors promted in my terminal)

Answering myself: the latest block is 475.282 so I think my node is just carring all the info about historical blocks (right now on 63171 and going on!). Well, I may be patiente :-p

I would advice you to restart a synchronization process from ground-up since the normal synchronization process is too slow to catch up all this backlog.

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What?? I don’t understand you… Should I « kill » the normal sync process?

The sync process is now at block 107.000…

Stop the process, then run duniter sync <hostname>:<port>.
Once the sync is done, restart the process.


I’ve stopped duniter, I’ve done another sync (I had done one before):


Milestones: [||||||||||||||||||||] 100 %
Download: [||||||||||||||||||||] 100 %
Apply: [||||||||||||||||||||] 100 %
Sandbox: [ ] 0 %
Peers: [||||||||||||||||||||] 100 %

Status: Peer GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP
All done in 14.184 seconds.

And now the server is syncing again but from the beginning :frowning:

2021-11-16T12:29:54+01:00 - info: Block resolution: 1 potential blocks after current#1142…
2021-11-16T12:29:54+01:00 - info: Block #1143 added to the blockchain in 5 ms
2021-11-16T12:29:54+01:00 - warn: Blockchain changed!
2021-11-16T12:29:54+01:00 - warn: Local node is not a member. Waiting to be a member before computing a block.

Can you show me your sync command.
This is:

duniter sync <hostname>:<port> <till_block_number>


sudo -u duniter duniter sync 443

Have I maybe forgotten the « : » ?

Yeah, it seems you synced till block 443.


I think so… Now I’m doing it again and the process is slower :slight_smile: Before it finish quickly :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot @Moul

There is an syntax error on the wiki:

@arbocenc There is a workaround to avoid synchronizing over the network using Duniter I mentioned here: Synchronisation difficile / récupérer les chunks

The idea is to get the chunks json archive using rsync and then ask Duniter to synchronise from local files (duniter sync /path/to/local/chunks). This is dirty, but it can save some time.


But it’s OK on the repo :thinking:

Thanks, @HugoTrentesaux, I think I can wait… The sync command will do this work in about 20 mins. I’m now at node 210,000 (about 42%). No problem for waiting some time more :slight_smile: It’s faster than the « normal syncing » I was doing before @Moul advice

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