Presenting myself: Victor Zuanazzi [Certification aussi?]

Hello everyone!

I’m new to Duniter. I’ve been reading about it and the comcept behind the coin is really interesting. I want to be part of the community. Mon français c’est horrible!

I’ve been playing with cryptocurrencies for a while, and I’m often amazed by the possibilities that they open. Dunitier is a greate example!

I also meke robots to automatically trade different cryptocurrencies here: It is handy when you have a very straight forward strategy.

As I am completelly new to the community, I don’t really understand how to get certified. I’m trying my best french on other posts, but if someone would be so kind to explain to me, please do so :slight_smile:

I currently live in Belgium :belgium: but I’m originally from Brazil :brazil: . Je parle portuguais, anglais je etude nederlandes et un petit peux français.

My public key is: G4Uh4J5RhUi3qcLpXPjZvG1JcivafgKXKzpJpKekW6Bk

I hope to get to know some interesting people here =)

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Hello Zuanazzi,

First, I want to recall that you can use the currency without being certified at all. You just need a wallet just like you did. The certifications are only required when you want to produce money as well.

About certifications, you can probably meet other Belgians that are already certified. You can contact them via Mastodon:

But you must first study and agree with the Ğ1 license.

We have some people out here that talk to you in english, so feel free to ask questions about Duniter.

PS: welcome here :slight_smile:

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Hi @Zuanazzi !

Did you register as member (member account) or simple wallet ?
I do not see any pending registration on your public key.

But maybe it’s better to wait to meet Belgian guys, before sending your registration form : a registration form is only valid for two months…

With this free currency, we must understand that the community has just begun to grow. It can take a long time before being certified.

Hi @kimamila !

I’m not sure of what I registred! There are a lot of sites and accounts, I’m new to all this so I’m quite lost. But indeed , to meet a belgium sounds the best thing to do. Any you know?

I’m pacient, it is just a bit hard to get around here in the begining!

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Are you registered? I need invitations and couldn’t find you.


Ohhhh… I’m beginning to understand this whole thing. I need the Belgians as well.

I need invitation as well!