[Proposal] Allow Certifications to Be Revoked

There has been discussion of setting a limit to how many certifications a member of a community can publish. I do not know if this has been implemented as of yet.

However, if it is implemented, it could be catastrophic to @cgeek s Proposal to Change the Distance Rule.

I say this because, in order for the proposal to work, one must certify many others once they are a member of a community in order to keep the community healthy. If we limit how many certification a person may publish, we are limiting the proximity of any one node to every other node.

By allowing a member to revoke a certification, we save him from having to wait for the certification to expire before being allowed to release a new certification (if his allotted certification stock has been filled).

Another benefit of allowing certifications to be revoked is that members of a community can quickly respond to any malignant members of their community. That has the potential to greatly increase the security and speed of threat-diversion in the community.

I have added an issue on the ucoin GitHub repo. If I put it on the wrong repo, please feel free to move it. (I’m confused as to which repo belongs to which part of the project.)

You better discuss issues out here than GitHub, we have more people following the forum than GitHub.

About your proposal: what is the stock value, in your opinion, that would be limiting the community connections? If we set this max. stock to 10, is it a problem? What about 100 max connections? Maybe at this last level community would have enough stock to certify individuals at the same rate they meet people in real life.

Anyway, I already answered here for example why I am against the certification revokation (aka “anti-certifications”).

I understand your reaction about the will to “answer with brute force” against attackers, you are not the first neither the last to evoke it. However you are trying to fight against a debt-money behavior (the attackers who wants to get money) that IMHO isn’t that relevant in Libre Currency. We already have experienced many times with Ğeconomicus games that money is no more the precious thing we all hardly try to obtain. Instead we focus on producing values.