[RE-Certification Request] idyllei

According to the setup guide, I require a certain (unknown) amount of certifications by members in the meta_brouzouf group.

My UID is Idyllei (where the first letter is a capital ‘i’).

Here are a few of my resource for my identity:
https://github.com/Idyllei (Go to my Gist called About-Me.md on https://gist.github.com )
https://keybase.io/prollixx (This has links to my identity proofs; they are not numerous.)
https://gist.github.com/Idyllei/f5c35a4bd8f0c7a1b255 (this tells you about me and my online monikers.)

(I have changed my online moniker many times, as I find a new one more aesthetically pleasing. branefreez -> Prollixx -> Idyllei)

Thank you,
Idyllei (branefreez)

P.S. I hear there have been problems with an initial capital in UIDs. Is there a workaround so that I can certify others more easily as well?

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Certified, welcome.

What is your UID? I’d like to certify you back when I am able.


Welcome Idyllei,
I certified you too. You need 3 certifications to become a member of the meta_brouzouf community + clic to “Renew membership” or “renovar la membresia” or … and wait nodes add you in the blockchain.
urodelus ( UID = ATkjQPa4sn4LBF69jqEPzFtRdHYJs6MJQjvP8JdN7MtN )

I will be losing my last certification soon (Pirion).

If you are able to (re-)certify me, I ask you that you do!

Thank you in advance. :grin: