Request for being able to re-edit a thread

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United Kingdom(Great Britain) English language

I want to edit this post.
I want to add a French translation and a self-made European language I will call European / Européen / Yropeĕn.

France Langue française

Je veux éditer ce post.
Je veux ajouter une traduction française et une langue européenne composée que j’appellerai Européen / European / Yropeĕn.

European Union Làq Yropeĕn

Žŭ vy edite sŭ pŏst.
Žŭ vy ažxte un tradukšŏn frănsĕzŭ e un làq Yropeĕn cŏmpose kŭ ž’apŭlŭrĕ Yropeĕn / Européen / European.

And yes for now « European » is simply French in another alphabet, but being Dutch, I’m sure to throw Dutch words into the mix, as well as making some major changes, like eliminating the ‹ la › article, having every country be pronounced as in their native language (Măgjăr, Suomi, Nedŭrlănd, Doȋtslănd, etc.) and introduce the Imperative/Expressive grammatical mood inflection.

P.S. If my French/European contains errors, please message me.