Request for being able to re-edit a thread



United Kingdom(Great Britain) English language

I want to edit this post.
I want to add a French translation and a self-made European language I will call European / Européen / Yropeĕn.

France Langue française

Je veux éditer ce post.
Je veux ajouter une traduction française et une langue européenne composée que j’appellerai Européen / European / Yropeĕn.

European Union Làq Yropeĕn

Žŭ vy edite sŭ pŏst.
Žŭ vy ažxte un tradukšŏn frănsĕzŭ e un làq Yropeĕn cŏmpose kŭ ž’apŭlŭrĕ Yropeĕn / Européen / European.

And yes for now “European” is simply French in another alphabet, but being Dutch, I’m sure to throw Dutch words into the mix, as well as making some major changes, like eliminating the ‘la’ article, having every country be pronounced as in their native language (Măgjăr, Suomi, Nedŭrlănd, Doȋtslănd, etc.) and introduce the Imperative/Expressive grammatical mood inflection.

P.S. If my French/European contains errors, please message me.