[Request for (re)certification] Fatsie

I now updated to latest duniter and sakia. I did change public key by selecting N=4096 in Sakia (to share pub key with duniter)
uid: Fatsie
pubkey: G6etX2HbBTfzD4UHXM5t7i8cMH3ubYoEb6jUdqkU7p4N
More id info to be found in original testnet request for certification.

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No certifications after 8 days…

I think you had some, but on GTest after 7 days the data gets perempted. You need to republish your identity (it’s a single button in Cesium), and gather 3 certifications again.

It will probably be quicker to be in this time as long as you get certified.

Certification is not possible in Cesium as long as you do not ask again !

I did a renew membership in Sakia. I hope that is what I had to do.

It seem’s you failed renewing membreship on sakia. Maybe you can try on http://gtest.duniter.fr/

Upgraded sakia to 0.30.4 and did ‘Renew membership’ two times and with last I got ‘Already received membership’ so I guess I should now be able to receive certifications.
I think a little more feedback on membership request in GUI would be handy.

It seems like your account doesn’t exist. When i search your Id « Fatsie » no account is attached.
And searching by your public key doesn’t show any named account.
You must create a « member account » to be certified.
I think it’ll be probably easyer on cesium…
And please be kind to post a proof of your existence, like a link to fb account or diaspora, asking to become member.
Then we’ll know you’re real, alive, and the own user of your account.
Thanks for your interest, and sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:

Example on cesium: http://gtest.duniter.fr/

Original request (with old public key):

Isn’t sakia supposed to be the user friendly wallet and shouldn’t we debug it ?
I removed sakia config and started over. I do see now 1 certification for me by Thatoo
BTW, Cesium in nw does not currently work for me:

Do you use privacy badger? if so allow cesium on it. Many people have problems with this addon.

How would a browser plugin interfere with the duniter-desktop or sakia program ?

Sorry, I was talking about Cesium I was wrong.
Fine i can see you now!

You finally became a member. Welcome Fatsie :slight_smile:

ton adhésion à Gtest expire samedi !
your membership to Gtest is about to expire on saturday !

I’ll be back for the real thing…