Starting a new testing currency

Now that v0.9.0 is released, I would like to start a new testing currency, zeta_brouzouf.

Again, my node will be

The idea behind this currency is to propose a first experiment of uCoin with full features, so we can:

  • Have a first experience of using a free currency
  • See if UCP’s rules about Web of Trust are good/strong enough to avoid Sybil Attacks
  • Test transaction system
  • Discover potential bugs both in software or protocol
  • Improve UCP or ucoin software with features I haven’t thought of yet

Warning: software might be really unstable. I have only tested it on my own environement, with few nodes and testing cases. We are here for testing, fixing and improving.

So, if you are ok with all this and want to join testing, let’s read next parts! :slight_smile:

Currency parameters

This currency aims at simulating several years of free currency under few weeks. Precisely, 1 week simulates 1 year of UD. It is a lot.

  • UD rules:

    • UD(t+1) = MAX(UD(t) ; c * M(t) / N(t+1) )
    • c = 4,881 %
    • dt = 3,5 days
    • UD(0) = 100
  • Web of Trust rules:

    • It is required 3 certifications to be a member
    • Each member must be at a maximum distance of 3 from any WoT member who have at least 3 valid certifications made to WoT members
    • Identical certifications (key A -> key B) are not replayable before 2 months waiting
    • Certification validity is 1 month from signature’s date
    • Membership validity is 1 month from signature’s date
  • Blockchain

    • Proof-of-work minimum level is 4 leading zeros
    • Time incrementation step is 3 hours
    • Time incrementation requires 2 confirmations


To start the currency, we need at least 4 members agreeing to sign each other. I’m in, so we need at least 3 other persons to start this currency.

You can follow the same instructions as for [v0.8.3] Subscription testing to create your identity, certificate people & ask for joining, replacing currency name with zeta_brouzouf.


I will ask you to use a real pseudonym that you use on the web. I will sign you only if you can prove me you own this pseudonym, by any way (I can check your Twitter activity, blog, whatever…). Thereafter, I suggest you to do the same for any future joiner.


Currency will be started once we have the 4 initial members who have signed each other’s identity. I will generate the root block, and then new members will be able to join over the time.

Create your own node

Once currency is started, any member can create its own node and participate writing the blockchain. I won’t give instructions immediately on how to do this, this might be explained on another thread.


That’s all folks! If you wish to participate, please leave a message out there :wink:

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J’ai créé ma clé et je l’ai envoyée, je t’ai signé ! :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: I’ve just signed you too (since you seem to be the Inso I’ve heard of :p):

So now we a bidirectionnal link, 2 more persons to start the currency!

Yes I am sir :wink:

Didn’t pay attention of the fact that your post was in english ahah…

I’ll try to host a node too : )

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Welcome to @vit ! (vit):

Btw, could you try to check each other’s identity @vit & @Inso? And sign your respective identity.

Without your signatures, WoT will collapse on block#1, and the blockchain will be stuck.

Edit: you might encounter the following error when joining:

Error: { [Error: socket hang up] code: 'ECONNRESET' }

This is due to a bug in the ucoin node when using old version of ucoin-cli (called vucoin v0.22.x). To avoid it, update your ucoin-cli with the following command:

sudo npm install -g vucoin

You can check your version using:

$ ucoin --version

0.23.0 is the latest available version right now, and the good one to use.

Great great job !
This is awesome and I’m very exciting to play with ucoin :smile:

I just published my key and joined the WOT of zeta_brouzouf !
I also signed you @cgeek.
@Inso Can you give more information about you so I can sign your identiy ?

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“Successfully sent certification of ‘vit’”

@ManUtopiK : What kind of information do you need ? My key is named “inso” and i’m @_inso on twitter !

I’ve sent a private message to @ManUtopiK on, so I can have confirmation if its identity on ggouv is the same as on this forum.

Here we are:

  • Inso needs vit’s (@vit) and Manutopik’s signature
  • vit needs Manutopik’s signature
  • Manutopik needs our 3 signatures

Also, what is ManUtopiK key name ?


Lookup allows you for a fulltext search!

I have certified “inso” and “maNutOpIk”, no, “MAnuTOpik”, damned, what a ?’(è’(’ nickname ! Looks like a password !
Full text search to the rescue, copy, paste, done :wink:

Great! I’ve signed him too. So now we just need @ManUtopiK to sign both @vtexier & @Inso, and we can finally start.


And now, what next ?

Hi, nice work !
I’ve added myself and signed cgeek, ManUtopik and inso.
My public profiles : _ mhugo _ on twitter, mhugo on github

Ok, blockchain is now started! :smile: First members are @vit, @ManUtopiK, @Inso and I.

As of now, current block is #2, which is the third block.

First UD should occur on November 25th, at 6th a.m. approximately. If new members join in by that time, they will benefit from it too.

Now, I will make another thread so members can participate writing the blockchain using their own node!

@mhugo :

I’ve just signed you. However, you need to gather 2 more signatures to join in. Plus, you will have to send a join membership again since root memberships are kinda special, and your wasn’t written since you lacked signatures. You can send it right now :wink:

Some news: blockchain has been stoped 2 weeks ago for protocol changes. I’ve restarted the blockchain yesterday, back from scratch. Hopefully root members & signatures could be replayed.

New rule

Now, protocol integrates an “average time to generate a block” parameter, which is a frequency of block validation time. I’ve set this parameter as 1 block ~ 10 minutes.

Web of Trust state

So, right now we have members @vit, @Inso, @ManUtopiK and @cgeek.

Pending members are: @mhugo and @Galuel. I’ve signed both of you guys, but you need 2 more signatures to join in.

@mhugo: you have to send a join membership again, otherwise you cannot be integrated in the WoT.

I’ve joined again.

Welcome @Galuel, you have been granted as member!

We now have a WoT of 5 members :wink:

Welcome @mhugo too :wink:

We are now 6 members!

Hello there. How do I join?