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You want to participate to zeta_brouzouf, our first testing currency?

Here are the details, step by step, on how to do this!

1. Prerequisties

  • Ubuntu 14.04 (might work on other versions or distributions, but does not work on Ubuntu 12.04)
  • Packets nodejs, nodejs-legacy and npm installed.

2. Install ucoin CLI client

$ sudo npm install -g vucoin

3. Create your key

Creating your key is done by memorizing 2 things:

  • a salt string
  • a password

Choose whatever value you want for these, but be sure to memorize them. Also, try to have unique values (do not choose “abc” and “abc”), since keys are supposed to be unique and have enough entropy.

A good salt string could be your email address, and a good password could be a strong password.

Be cautious! These 2 strings can’t be changed thereafter. We are doing tests here, so this is no big deal. But just be aware of it.

4. Choose an identity

In uCoin, users are identified by ther uid, a.k.a. User ID. For me, it will be “cgeek” for example.

You have to choose your own, so just do it and memorize it.

5. Publish your key + identity

Let’s call salt your salt string of step 3., passwd your password of step 3., and uid your personal identifier.

To publish your key + identity, use following command:

$ ucoin -h -p 9101 -c zeta_brouzouf --salt "<salt>" --passwd "<passwd>" self "<uid>" --send

Where <uid>, <salt>, <passwd> have to be replaced by your values.

6. Join the Web of Trust

This is a similar command, however the command is join instead of self:

$ ucoin -h -p 9101 -c zeta_brouzouf --salt "<salt>" --passwd "<passwd>" join "<uid>"  --send

7. Ask for signatures!

Now your identity + join membership should be on the server. But for your membership to be written in the blockchain, you will need at least 3 signatures from existing members. So, you are pleased to create a topic presenting you, your identity, and give “proofs” of identity ownership.

For example:

Subject : [Ask for Certifications] cgeek

Hi there,

I am cgeek, founder of uCoin project. I am also known as c-geek or twicedd. Here are few resources for proving my identity:

Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.



At the 2nd step I get an error caused by old version of npm, you got that:
npm --version: 2.1.6
node-gyp --version: v1.0.2
After doing sudo npm install -g npm I now have:
npm --version: 2.1.12
node-gyp --version: v0.12.2
Then I launched sudo npm install -g vucoin
and get those errors
and I do have those logs on /root/npm-debug.log
Maybe I need to upgrade node-gyp.

At least, you need to sudo npm install -g vucoin.

But yes, you probably need to update node-gyp.

I don’t know how to update node-gyp. I don’t understand how other people didn’t get thoses problems.

Is this helping?

I’m also would love to help testing. Just have to install Unbuntu first.

Thank you for your great project.

Maybe you want also try out our basic income Project with the Freicoin Alliance.

I thing it would be great if all social currencies that want to propagate something like an basic income would help and learn from each other so that we can evolve together.

Maybe we can also create together an currency independent platform for double account prevention.

All the good,

Thanks for your message.

Do not hurry too much for testing core server, we have to fix issues first. However, it would be great if you install your own instance in coming weeks. Say, during mid-January.

About Freicoin, I guess I do not want to test it. This is not free currency, unfortunately.

If you think about a centralized entity, we probably do not need it. There is already a good one: the State. But if you have ideas about decentralized identification system (DIS), you are welcome :slight_smile:

What you mean with not free currency?

And I thought more about cooperation. For example we could cooperate with sharing a (DIS) system for preventing double accounts.

Yea its about a decentralized identification system (DIS).

Once we have one, more currencies and other projects could use it.

Free currency, or “Libre currency” is name refering to currencies implementing Relative Money Theory (RMT) whose point is to create new money through Universal Dividend. It is a kind of UBI currency, but not using demurrage.

About DIS: this is not an easy subject. Potential applications of such a system is really tremendous. uCoin tries to implement its own, but with a limited scale (10k?100k?more?). I don’t think it can be “shared” easily with other services.

Sorry if I might seem “closed” to suggestions, but uCoin has to make its proofs before going elsewhere :smile:

of course its good to proof first.
Yea I also think that it is not easy build an scaling DIS, therefore its good if more are working on it.

To theories, lets see how they function in practice, now at least with the Bitcoin technology we have a chance to test them :slight_smile:

For me the Universal Dividend part is most important, so whatever currency will find a good solution for that I will try my best to help.


After doing
npm install -g npm
I have
npm --version: 1.3.10
node-gyp --version: v1.0.2

I tried
sudo npm explore npm -g – npm install node-gyp@latest
-> same result
npm --version: 1.3.10
node-gyp --version: v1.0.2

Thanks, so you are able to install ucoin now :smile:

I will retry the procedure on a fresh new Ubuntu 14.04 next week, and write a tutorial.

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