Tags for English translation status

In order to track the progress of translation, use the tags given as example above. Here are the tags to use:

  • Tags related to the translation status and their meaning:

    • 1-tr-todo = translation to be done, someone needs to take the lead
    • 2-tr-inprogress = translation in progress
    • 3-tr-toreview = translation done but needs to be reviewed by a Ğ1 expert
    • 4-tr-toproofread = translation done but needs to be reviewed by an English native speaker
    • 5-tr-approved = translation reviewed and approved, ready for publication
  • Tags related to the type of material to be translated:

    • tr-video = for videos needing English subtitles
    • tr-webpage = pages from websites that need content in English
    • tr-app = apps or tools developed by Ğ1 developers
    • tr-document = flyers, posters, presentations, etc.

To add/change the tags, type them in the top right corner in the edit mode of your topic (see beow):