Viewing the wot in space and time

Maybe you remember this image from the relative theory of money ?

Well, I wanted to view what Meta Brouzouf looked like in space and time…
So I developped a small python script to parse Meta_Brouzouf blockchain database.

What is fun is that anybody knowing a bit of python can create his own story based on what there is in file. So you can try to find weaknesses in WoT parameters, simulate sybil attacks… Well, push it to the limits :wink:

About Meta_brouzouf, here is what the story of this blockchain looks like. The vertical lines are individuals memberships in the blockchain :

And with certifications as horizontal lines :

Well not easy to analyze… The first 10K blocks are already dense :

Do you have any idea to vizualize the data better ? What do you think about it ? :slight_smile:

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Amazing work !
I recently read this paper “Temporal network metrics and theirapplication to real world networks

Very interesting but I don’t think it can help to detect/prevent sybils.

However, it can give us a good understanding about the way the Wot grows (cells, hubs, scale-free…)
And then adapt rules, etc…

Bravo !

Very nice !

The lines of individuals(t) could have a better signification : when an individual has received more certifications the line could go towards a center (in a continuous way), and towards the outside when he has less (in a continuous way too). So we will have not right lines but curved ones.

Each curved line will be in a vertical plane passing thru that center (center = the most certifications possible).

There was a small bug causing to many colors to be used. I fixed it. Also, we can see certifications coming from nowhere. It’s because, when individuals are not members, I do not draw their line. I fixed it and I’ll render it tonight :slight_smile:

@Galuel : I see your idea. I’m not sure how to implement it but I’ll try, I think it can be really interesting :slight_smile:

I think we spoil our time and talent in issues nobody knows how many care about them.

Have a look what they are doing in dash, and try to copy their good example here.
In dash, there is a 10% taxation when mining coins.
There is also a list of propositions, and if someone writes code that implements a proposition, he/she is paid in dash coins for his work.

have a look here:

Why not doing the something similar here in Ucoin?

I don’t see any “we” that would include you in it.

How many members/certifications is there in the meta_brouzouf blockchain ?

You can find them on Bye Meta_Brouzouf blog post.

1676 certifications

And I don’t see any “we” that would include you also.
You are always on “me” mode, and never on “we” mode.

It is not by chance that polls are prohibited here in Ucoin.
It is not by chance also that it is called Ucoin, and not WeCoin.

On the other hand, at dash cryptocoin’s area, the democracy fun begins.

We are on “we” mode with people sharing the same views for uCoin. Which you are not being a part of, obviously.

Just join the dash cryptocoin if you prefer their view for a crypto money… Why do you choose to come here and talk and talk again ?

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Ucoin does not have governance, Dashcoin has governance and taxation (budjet system), and governance and taxation is important.
Ucoin is not as anonymous as Dash is, and anonymity is important.
Ucoin community does not compels core developers. Dash coin compels core developers. And compelling core developers in order to stop the “I” mode and go to the “We” mode is a good thing.

But Dashcoin is not a free coin. Ucoin is.
Also Dashcoin does not have a WoT, Ucoin has it. And WoT is very important. Because after all, money must be reported to humans beings, and humans should decide, not servers or computers.

Well, join Dash coin community, and use democracy to ask them to implement a WoT then.

Yes, this is what I am going to try.
Go to dashcoin and try to persuade them to become a free money, and accept a WoT of assemblies.

See you in dashtalk.

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Have a look at the answer of one of the core developers in dash.

I’d help implement whatever will be decided

This a developer which respect its community. Are the developers of Ucoin the same? I wonder.

Ok now I am warning you:

  • if you criticize the individuals, you won’t be welcome here
  • if you come here to criticize the project, that’s OK, but don’t spam

I detest anyone who creates things outside the context of a community.
People with this mentality are responsibles for many evil things that exists into our world. But what it happens to most of the creations outside the context of a community, is that they are useless.

Yes, we also wonder the utility of your interventions.

You were warned. Bye.