Cutecoin 0.9 released!

Hello ucoin people !

Vincent Texier and I are pleased to announce the release of the 0.9 cutecoin version !

A lot of enhancement are coming with it :

  • Added a homescreen used to display version information during loading
  • Path display between a member and yourself
  • Persons object are now cached : fastening the UI !
  • Progress bar showing blockchain informations downloading progress
  • Full network status is shown in almost realtime
  • Added the ability to do transactions between wallets
  • Icons should now be displayed on windows too
  • Multiple small UI enhancement

As always, download is in the following link :

And we are now waiting for your great feedback !


Hello !
Thanks for this new version. Everything is OK except the software logo (on Windows 7) :yum:.

Thank you so much for the network view :smile: it is also really better with the loading step!

Edit 1: The Wallet screen is really handy! I’ve just tested the wallet transfer features: works like a charm :wink:

Edit 2: Oh, just noticed the new welcome screen if we launch on a brand new machine!

Très chouette cette 0.9 ! Excellent la fenêtre “Network” ! :wink:

What do these colors means?

These colors means that the node is either corrupted or offline.

Cutecoin considers a node corrupted if :

  • The currency mined by the node changed (well it doesn’t look like its the case here)
    Cutecoin considers a node offline if :
  • An error happened during requesting its state

To analyse your case more deeply, could you send me your ~/.config/cutecoin/cgeek/meta_brouzouf_network file ?
Did your node became online again later ?
Does your node becomes online back if you stop and start cutecoin ?
Does your node becomes online back if you configure metabrouzouf community again ?

Ok, so I probably had my node offline for few minutes yesterday. There was a good reason for this.

I can’t test again with cutecoin right now, but I will this evening.

Thanks for the answers


Quand j envoi de la monnaie aucune ligne apparait dans les transactions

Ca me parait bien étrange…

Peux tu vérifier l’état de ton réseau ?

Quand les serveurs sont offlines, les transactions en attente disparaissent… les membres aussi.

Isn’t this screenshot weird? Cutecoin is sync with block 9374, but this block was found in a grey node.

Yeah this is not coherent.

Grey means the node is, unsynced. This means that the last request we did on it, he was on an older block than the last block found during network crawling.

We’ll look after that.

Ça remarche :blush:

Est ce que c possible de créer une partie new members pour les voir apparaitre plus facilement et pouvoir les certifier car je cherche Dieux ou Fred dans WoT mais je les vois pas.

C est génial de voir évoluer les versions

Merci les Gars

Just in case, I need some certifications for my account not to leave the wot… please ! :slight_smile:

Just in case, I need some certifications for my account not to leave the wot… please ! smile

me too

Mon speudo s affiche plusieur fois dans le WoT

A new binary release is available for 32Bits Linux platforms.

Build was made on Ubuntu, but try it on another Linux flavors and give your feedback.

Enjoy !

Impossible de me connecter Ă  Cutecoin 0.9.0 depuis quelques jours (Windows 7)

En supprimant le cache ça fonctionne.

Si tu es sous GNU/Linux, voici la procédure :

$ cd ~/.config/cutecoin/
$ rm -rf <uid>

Tu aurais la procédure sous Windows 7 ?

Supprime le dossier suivant :

%APPDATA%\Roaming\cutecoin[your uid]\__cache__