Presentation and new light web client Ğ1nkgo

Dear all,

I started to develop a web light client in my spare time and I want to start sharing my code in if possible. Can you create me an account?

I’m Vicente (vjrj) and I participate in other free culture and free software projects (and I don’t like to talk too much about me :slight_smile: )

The client is oriented to newcomers and I’m using flutter too (and durt lib, thanks!). The current project name is Ginkgo if I don’t change my mind.




Hi vjrj and welcome to Duniter/Ğ1 project,

I created your GitLab account with your email address provided on this forum. Then we can see to create a Flutter group in clients group clients · GitLab with Ğecko clients. And move your repository there.

Which Duniter version are you targeting with Ginkgo? v1 or v2s?

Regarding your web-based client, if you are targeting Duniter v1 implementation and plan to have it served from remote servers, please do not allow authentication, otherwise member’s credentials could be stolen by anyone serving a web client.
Those stolen credentials could allow very nasty things to happen on Ğ1 currency and would harm it deeply.

Once Duniter v2s gets into production, serving web clients with authentication can be reconsidered, since the members would lose the smith permission, but still harm can be done. To be discussed separately.

You doesn’t seem to speak French, but for reference, in this post all the discussions regarding this topic can be found.

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Hi @Moul

Thanks indeed. Merci!

Unfortunately I don’t speak French but I am can try to read it anyway.

I’m using v1 for create wallets without authentication so newcomers can start using G1 fast in markets an later with more experience transfer their savings to a cesium account. To switch to v2 should be easy in the future as I’m using durt

at the beginning I was using just basic crypto libs til I discovered durt. So it’s great to share and reuse code.

All the code runs in the browser and you only have the security of your mobile (your 4 digits pin or whatever).

Thanks again,


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One question, do you have a faucet in g1 test? I didn’t found it.

Yes this is our faucet: 🪙 Caisse de dons pour les contributeurs techniques à l'écosystème Ğ1 - #158 by tuxmain (kind of…)

Please add your name and the desired remuneration.

The code a Durt lib is here: pokapow / durt · GitLab (have to move to clients category)
This is the last work I did before I start to work on v2s. Making this lib allowed me to get rid of any Rust dependency in the latest versions of Ḡecko mobile v1: Files · duniterV1Latest · clients / Ğecko · GitLab

Also, this is durt_cli, a commandline tool which implements the durt lib: pokapow / durt_cli · GitLab

Durt is using GVA, so we need Duniter 1.9 nodes to use it. @aya is working hard to debug mempool transactions issues on this release, he will probably need help to diagnose the cause of the disappearance of some transactions in mempool.

Me alegro que los españoles se hagan con este lib, pensaba que lo había hecho para nada dada nuestra migración a v2s. Seguro que tendréis un montón de ideas para implementarla de forma original.

There is no actual faucet since all money creation is made by universal dividend (and there is no central authority controlling it).

However some of us will be happy to give you some G1 or GTest to let you do some tests, and if your work is published under a GNU (A)GPL-compatible licence, you can be remunerated in G1 by a rolling crowdfunded account (see the first link posted by poka).


Thanks indeed for both of you!

By the way I started to share my code here:

and you can see a demo here:

Some friend gave me some G1 so I can test with them.

Disclaimer: I just started to use Ĝ1 and go to Ĝ1 Markets since 2 weeks ago, so my knowledge of all this is quite limited. And I only can code in spare time (weekends, etc).


Waow, amazing and useful !

Bravo for this work.

Cant wait to use it :wink:

My compliments to the chief.

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Cela a l’air simple d’utilisation et rapide, j’aime.
Ce sera une extension web ou une application ?
Si j’ai bien compris pour l’instant, on ne peut pas se connecter ?

It looks easy to use and fast, I like it.
Will it be a web extension or an application?
If I understand correctly at the moment, we can’t log in?

Ni l’un ni l’autre, pour le moment, c’est une appli-web. Un site, quoi.

De ce que j’ai compris, c’est un portefeuille lambda qui t’est attribué en random (faut importer son compte si on veut le retrouver). Comme cesium, tu commences avec zéro. Tu peux soit vendre en direct et recevoir des sous en montrant un qrcode, soit virer des sous de cesium vers ce wallet.

J’ai aucune idée de c e que ça vaut niveau sécurité, mais l’interface est sympa, ça choisit automatiquement les bons noeuds et c’est rapide.

Faut encourager les vocations :wink:


Non, c’est une app flutter, multiplateforme car ma lib Durt le permet.
Donc, c’est une app mobile, mais aussi web, et desktop.

Oui, laissons finir sa POC, et soutenons le dans sa démarche :slight_smile:


Au temps pour moi.