RML17 practical organization (devs)

This public thread is dedicated to developers organization for RML17. You can put info like:

  • train tickets for arrival and departure time
  • room preferences (single or group room, inside or tent)
  • dietary constraints

If you prefer this to remain private, send it to me in private message.


poll 2023-06-08T22:00:00Z2023-06-18T22:00:00Z

Developers are invited to fill in this date poll with Axiom Team members to tell when they are present

:arrow_right: https://date.sans-nuage.fr/studs.php?poll=IfdSsxmw29suP7X9

[ ] to be added, [x] confirmed outside poll, [X] confirmed on the poll, :x: confirmed not to come

  • [X] Manutopik
  • [X] Hugo
  • [X] poka
  • [X] tuxmain
  • [X] Vit
  • [X] Pini
  • [ ] Paidge
  • [ ] cgeek
  • [ ] elois
  • [ ] kimamila
  • [ ] Moul
  • [ ] 1000i100
  • [x] gerard
  • [ ] immae
  • [x] kapis
  • [x] Fred
  • [X] david
  • [ ] wellno1
  • [x] gamaliel
  • [ ] atlasan
  • [ ] vjrj
  • [x] Brice
  • [ ] Yv1k
  • [ ] flodef
  • [x] guenoel

Practical details relative to beds:

Message de Constance

La Maison du Toy est réservée du 10/06/23 au 16/06/23 [par Axiom Team]
Le gîte sera prêt à partir de 16 heures. Si vous souhaitez arriver plus tôt, dîtes le moi. Je vous informerai si cela est possible 48 heures avant.

Pensez à prendre vos drap housses et plats, housses de couette et taies d’oreillers (60/60).

Il y a dans le gîte 1 lit en 160, 2 lits en 140 et 2 lits en 90 et 1 canapé d’angle convertible en 140. Des couvertures sont mises à votre disposition.

Moreover the two rooms in the main house are reserved (vit).

Information from vit sent before this thread in private message but ok to pe published:

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Hi devs, for the RML17, we will have the dev part at the FISH and the user part at the camping. @Myriam1912 suggest that on the camping we get recognizable T-shirts so that people can spot easily who are the devs in order to discuss on software questions.

Do you want a t-shirt?
  • yes, good idea! :tshirt:
  • I would prefer a more discrete sign :tophat:
  • I want to stay under cover :male_detective:

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I’ve just confirmed my train tickets and updated the poll.

Arrival: Dax - 12/06/2023 19h31
Departure: Dax - 15/06/2023 10h49

It is said that I can be quite noisy at night. A single room might be a good option :slight_smile:


Gerard is also coming. Another single room.

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Salut ! Je serai present dans la maison, réservez moi une place svp !