Introduction/Présentation Txels (Carles)

Bon dia! Bonjour! Good day!

Salut à tous, je viens de rejoindre le forum après avoir suivi le project un peu depuis longtemps. Je suis un developpeur avec une experience variée mais très applicable au project.

Hi everyone, I just joined the forum after having been following the project from the sidelines for a while (and marginally participating in the G1 currency).

I have some availability now and I’m working on levelling up my Rust game, I would really like to participate in this project and use that skill set here. No web3 coding experience, but motivation to go there.

Other than Rust, I’ve been coding in Python and Django for many years, and Typescript for the last 12 months, plus done some front-end work on and off over my career.

I would like to see how I can join the rooster in
Recensement des compétences informatiques and what’s the best path to onboarding and adding value to the project as soon as possible.


My concrete questions would be, what are the most relevant projects that are in need of engineering work where I could bring value, and how to get started in one of them.

Hi :wave:

Nice to see more people join ^^
Did you follow the v2 ecosystem project? It’s currently focusing most of the work.
It depends whether you want to level up your Rust or benefit from your Python / Typescript experience.

  • Ğcli (forum) (repo) is a Rust command line client for Duniter v2 which is nice to begin with
  • Tikka (forum) is a Python v2 client developed by @vit which already has a lot of feature
  • Cesium v2 (forum) is a Typescript + Angular rewrite of Cesium in the v2 ecosystem and could use some help to go beyond the proof of concept stage

And there is a lot of tooling, but not as easy to start with.

Merci @HugoTrentesaux those are good pointers. I suppose v2 ecosystem has a lower barrier to entry than v2 core, so it makes sense to start there.

I think I will start looking at the Rust CLI as a good way to familiarise myself with the codebase and protocols.

Any useful pre-read you would recommend? Technical docs etc to understand the “ecosystem” / protocols / APIs?

I can see you already have an account on our GitLab : Carles Barrobés · GitLab

Unfortunately most of the things are documented in french. In Duniter documentation ( you will find a list of all calls and basic stuff about polkadotjs app (you can use any nodes listed in About the ĞDev category.

But that would be a very good contribution to gcli: improve command line documentation and create a user documentation on If you are interested in this, I can seed this so you fill more confortable to explain what you understand in a documentation.

Basically there are two levels of documentation:

  • technical documentation that goes to the repo and assume that the user knows the context, it can be added to duniter website as external documentation
  • user documentation which takes a more pedagogic approach and give more context about what’s being done, this one is written directly on
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No worries, je peux lire français fluidement. Can contribute docs in English.

J’ai trouvé aussi ton channel peertube, je vais explorer ça pour plus de contexte.

Merci pour les renseigments!

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En plus de ça, j’ai travaillé longtemps dans la domaine de CI, et j’ai quelque experience avec la CI de Gitlab. J’ai vu cette discussion, pas sur si elle est mise en jour: Appel à contribution sur les CI GitLab

If you think CI is a more critical area to contribute to at this point in time, I’m open to help there as well. (Although typically CI work tends to require some higher level of permissions and credentials and tends to fall in the hands of trusted users, maybe the tasks you have in mind don’t require that).

Bonjour txels, oui @HugoTrentesaux a encore besoin d’aide sur la CI, son dernier message est ici : 🛟 Je galère une fois de plus sur la mise en prod

C’est plutôt pour Ğcli et l’indexeur Subsquid actuellement.

Normalement les vidéos permettent de rentrer dans le sujet, j’en ferai d’autres pour présenter les points qui n’ont pas encore été couverts.

Pour la CI, j’ai lancé ce post pour répertorier les besoins : État des CI
Ça devrait faire une bonne porte d’entrée :slight_smile:

Je suis preneur d’un sujet qui liste les vidéos que tu fais, une sorte d’index.

video (pour chaque vidéo je fais un post sur le forum avec ce tag)

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BTW I made my first MR with some translation to English, not sure what process you follow for these things. I haven’t found a general “contribution guide” or code of conduct. Do I need to notify someone somewhere?

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I merged it (and then changed the merge strategy to rebase for the future). A kind of contribution guide existed on the french repo : doc · master · websites / duniter_website_fr_v2 · GitLab.

And we can also find the remains of old contribution guide from the time it was in pelican :

but nothing up to date. I do not feel like it’s necessary since it’s quite easy to contribute on the website and it has no major consequences. Spontaneous contributions are welcome as they come!