Ğecko ĞDev (last build)

See last message to get latest Android build
Vous pouvez suivre ces instructions pour installer la dernière version de Ğecko sur Android via f-droid: https://f-droid.duniter.org

iOS (v0.0.8+0, non tested)

  • Les noeuds bootstrap par défaut sont désormais:

    • wss://gdev.librelois.fr/ws
    • wss://gdev.1000i100.fr/ws
    • wss://gdev.komun.org/ws
  • Il est actuellement possible de:

    • Générer/importer et gérer ses coffres avec leurs portefeuilles
    • Scan et importe automatiquement les portefeuille actifs lors de l’import d’un coffre
    • Confirmer son identité
    • Rechercher une identité
    • Voir l’historique d’un compte
    • Certifier un compte (créer directement l’identité si elle n’existe pas)
    • Valider son identité
    • Suivre le statut des identités, le nombre de certifications, ainsi que les soldes de chaque address
    • Payer
    • Migrer son ancien compte Ğ1 vers un des portefeuilles de son coffre
    • Migrer son identité vers une autre adresse de son coffre
    • Révoquer son identité
    • Gérer ses contactes

Attention: Tous les codes secrets générés seront toujours AAAAA même en production désormais.
Ceci ayant pour but de faciliter les tests de l’application tout au long de la ĞDev.

Je ferme ce post pour le mettre à jour régulièrement, on peut continuer d’en discuter ici: Ğecko talks / user support


New build 0.0.9+16

  • Upgrade dependencies; apply new lints infos (fad6ebd)
  • fallback to english if user lang is not supported in debug mode (4fb40ff)
  • add current bloc number in settings; remove Substrate debug menu (f44dd4a)
  • UI: Improve align of endpoints selection elements (10eeeba)
  • UI: Move QRCode to appbar in wallet option screen (a7d2e9a)
  • improve design of name + balance on wallet_home screen (c203364)
  • don’t reset graphql cache on startup (90f91be)

Android: https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+16.apk

New build 0.0.9+17

  • type and lock balance computing (2526f38)
  • displayed balances are now transferabledBalances with unclaimed UDs (2677cb8)
  • WIP: unclaimed UD are almost calculated (d71261d)
  • prepare to implement unclaimedUd evaluation (29754e2)
  • Add dead methode to get ss58 prefix from const storage; remove unused comments (1753344)
  • Use certsByReceiver to gets certValidityPeriod instead of obsolete certsByReceiver call (a88034b)
  • implement batch for membership validation (81772f9)
  • fix: ignore certs state if dest identity is null (d8f3936)
  • upgrade to gradle 7.2.2 (ef3ae9d)
  • upgrade deps (6817592)
  • fix gradle with new version (dce9fc2)

Android: https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+17.apk


New build 0.0.9+18

  • batch call is working for claimUd (2d1b373)
  • improve balance results; workaround batch (wip) (99c559d)
  • refactor substrate_sdk.dart provider file; Add local node entry in settings (cd91ea8)

Android: https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+18.apk

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New build 0.0.9+19

  • order contacts by usernames (d9aa66e)
  • add contacts management (c6d5b30)
  • remove unused sandbox screen (7fd82df)
  • check if node is connected before check balances (7b778a7)
  • fix: can delete wallet just after set it to default (c603d2b)

Android: https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+19.apk

New build 0.0.9+20

  • Add infos about current scan in last import screen (3fad0f0)
  • fix: scan derivation balances check (edb8735)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+20.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+20-v8a.apk

New build 0.0.9+21

  • fix: sentry 3491636110 (eaf81aa)
  • fix: sentry 3334937784 (b546078)
  • remove gd1 bootstrap endpoints (1ed9f3d)
  • wip: fix used chest import (8a30ba7)
  • add methode to import Cs account (6af9199)
  • fix: import scanned wallets (4d027e0)
  • bump v0.0.9+21 (9a645e3)

(les commits sont désormais affichés par ordre chronologique du plus vieux au plus récent, et non l’inverse).

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+21.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+21-v8a.apk

New build 0.0.9+22

  • fix: batch cert and validate membership (4a7f686)
  • bump 0.0.9+22 (1995aaf)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+22.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+22-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.9+23

  • get onchain consts; fix batch validate membership (0687ae0)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+23.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.9+23-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.10+25

  • add messages about offline status in onboarding screens (0983c1d)
  • fix: can’t cert if identity is not confirmed (5ce381b)
  • new screen for g1V1 salt/password import (dbfd033)
  • can migrate GD from Cesium wallets (1b89696)
  • Ready to migrate identity, wait for signMessage methode in sdk (237e581)
  • WIP: continue digging identity migration (d42e715)
  • use binary concatenation instead of string (506110c)
  • WIP: message to sign is ok, but bad use of Uint8List signature (99f939d)
  • identity migration is working (c840753)
  • can migrate identity from standart mnemonic derivation (ad601be)
  • fix cesium account import (92992c2)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.10+25.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.10+25-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.10+26

  • fix: bad rendering canCert if identity is created (3100dc5)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.10+26.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.10+26-v8a.apk

New build 0.0.10+27

  • fix: flutter format (ae5fe3b)
  • improve UX identity confirmation action (dd49e76)
  • lock identity name format on confirmation (2facd8c)
  • can auto push release with forum message (ebc33e4)
  • can copy address from generated Cesium salt/password (3abf266)
  • build: fix publish (9239901)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.10+27.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.10+27-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.11+28

  • test integration is upgrade and working for restore chest (dcb64c7)
  • refactoring: Declare keys for all widgets int widgets_keys.dart (cbbd4ee)
  • test: execute a transaction to ChristCosmic (fc80f56)
  • add script to launch duniter local node before integration tests (afae413)
  • can spawn new block just after transactions (5744155)
  • improve spawnBlock in tests (fbc8cbd)
  • add certtification workflow test (a03f711)
  • add coments to importChest test (27e4de7)
  • flutter format (c060c85)
  • improve test speed (05f41e1)
  • add .env to git repository with default value (aa7bc74)
  • refactor tests env (3761494)
  • fix: set good sender for cert action (18743c8)
  • add test: certs state on wallet view (525c375)
  • refactor test utility; add ud creation state test (03ab85a)
  • remove old integration test bash script (939c6b3)
  • add test: migrate Cesium wallet identity (9301eaf)
  • fix: transferAll in batch for identity migration (37dee7f)
  • improve test migrate Cesium wallet identity: check if balance is well transfered (a8dbf79)
  • Add readme fo integration_tests (4256778)
  • Mettre à jour integration_test/README.md (e01dea9)
  • wip: test onboarding (ad9ee38)
  • Migration docker compose (7491b9b)
  • migrate flutter 3.3.0 (58572a5)
  • add todo fix random bad widget ancestor after onboarding (d9222fe)
  • fix flutter format (03a9f1e)
  • remove unused deps (0fe0c4d)
  • bump CI v0.0.11 (34c69b6)
  • setSender methode (f46acb2)
  • wip: prepare extrinsic revocation (8663186)
  • add test: identity revocation (23b6858)
  • fix some tx bad status (e752de4)
  • fix revocation payload (3825bf0)
  • fix identity revocation call (e2ed9c5)
  • fix test revocation (f7e3066)
  • add script to launch all tests (fd281ad)
  • increase transaction timeout to 18s (147557f)
  • can’t revoke if smith member and explain why (0d54030)
  • test: verify you cannot revoke a smith member (8318999)
  • improve migration text infos (776a0f8)
  • implement UD unit view (0233816)
  • fix bad balance displayed (57cdc23)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.11+28.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.11+28-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.11+31

  • bump v0.0.11+28 (edbe1d8)
  • payment inter wallets is working; bug with feedback position (8b32bb8)
  • improve dargndrop UX (d76ad9b)
  • improve payment popup (ad00195)
  • remove unused commented code (a432db3)
  • bump v0.0.11+30 (eb9275f)
  • hot fix: bad UD ratio (2b0a042)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.11+31.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.11+31-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.11+32

  • install codemetric; apply changes for check-unnecessary-nullable (d927cce)
  • codemetrics: apply check-unused-files and check-unused-code (0728bc6)
  • refactor Ud ratio compute (bf58e8e)
  • apply const colors (6443e04)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.11+32.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.11+32-v8a.apk


New build 0.0.12+33

  • estimate fees are ok and diplayed to user (a0b0423)
  • try to fix drag feedback offset (aa917b1)
  • try to fix drag feedback offset again (2c7dcd0)
  • fix: flutter format (228e556)
  • fix: unused method (be52158)
  • gitignore mac, ios & windows (ae30355)
  • update gitignore again (57d68e0)
  • update ios deps (459a764)
  • remove macos and windows deps (32beb33)
  • Fix typos (985c888)
  • Add es translations (66dca55)
  • Fix typo: anErrorOccurred (58c8206)
  • flutter: upgrade to 3.3.9 (61d28e7)
  • Gecko is now pluggued to indexer v0.3.0 with g1 history data (41b9db0)
  • bump v0.0.12 (1878ea5)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+33.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+33-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.12+34

  • add gdev.p2p.legal endpoint (4499355)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+34.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+34-v8a.apk

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New build 0.0.12+35

  • fix: homeContext randomly reset after pushNamedAndRemoveUntil (6ea827f)
  • Update assets/translations/es.json, assets/translations/fr.json (cc36e26)
  • apply point 7 of volune rapport: remove setPreferredOrientations everywhere on app, replace by global boot instruction (8169e1e)
  • change all providers reference to final (3a5674a)
  • fix: flutter format (965ce0f)
  • fix: unused imports (b731197)
  • Update .gitlab-ci.yml file (1481352)
  • Fixed errors and improved translations (b48be00)
  • Update assets/onBoarding/forgot_password_es.png Deleted assets/onBoarding/gecko_also_can_forget_es.png (e65915a)
  • Update assets/onBoarding/gecko_also_can_forget_es.png (6c34dd2)
  • apply point 7 of volune rapport: remove setPreferredOrientations everywhere on app, replace by global boot instruction (96854fd)
  • change all providers reference to final (80416f5)
  • fix: unused imports (da0e9ba)
  • add certs screen (cf6571e)
  • fix: flutter format (413c3c7)
  • fuck git. start to implement certs screen (9a9bc67)
  • received certs widget is working (7a93ff4)
  • certifications screen is ok (0241efc)
  • fix: flutter format (6b1df55)

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+35.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+35-v8a.apk

New build 0.0.12+36

Android armeabi-v7a (old phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+36.apk

Android arm64-v8a (new phones): https://gecko-apk.p2p.legal/dl/gecko-0.0.12+36-v8a.apk